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Massage Therapist

2031 4th St N, St Petersburg FL, 33704 ph 813-892-1489


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Massage Therapist Services

Deep Tissue Treatment, Full-Body Swedish Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Sea Salt Body Scrubs

Treat yourself to a relaxing massage therapy session today. At Massage by Daryl in St. Petersburg, FL, your certified therapist specializes in various acupressure modalities. Using different kneading techniques, Daryl can calm your nerves and ease body tension.

Here Are Our Rates: Just click on the Schedule Now Buttoon, or Buy Gift Certificates Button to purchase or Schedule!

60-Minute Therapeutic, Deep Tissue Massage: $85

90-Minute Therapeutic/Deep Tissue Massage: $110

Full Body Sea Salt Scrub: $200

Includes One Hour Massage 

3 Pack of 60 Minute Deep Tissue, Therapeutic Massages: $199

(Save $11)

3 Pack of 90 Minute Deep Tissue, Therapeutic Massages: $271.00

Swedish Massage: $70

Light and more for relaxation

6 Pack of 60 Minute Massages: $378

(Save $42)

6 Pack of 90 Minute Deep Tissue. Therapeutic Massages: $513.00

Deep Tissue Massage: $110

2 Hour Massage: $170

Enjoy a Full-Body Swedish Massage

Relax your body and stretch tense muscles with a complete Swedish massage. I can apply light to moderate pressure, depending on your preference. Please note that this modality can also be focused on specific body areas.

Revitalize Your Body with Deep Tissue Treatment

Pamper yourself with my deep tissue massage therapy. As a Male Massage Therapist, I can apply moderate-to-hard pressure on your body to help with tension release.

Relieve Muscle Tension with Myofascial Release

Whether you’re suffering from chronic fatigue, tension, or anxiety, our myofascial release is perfect for you. I can stretch and release the fascia, which is the thin sheath of fibrous tissue that encloses organs. Through vertical stretches and application of pressure, I can loosen stressed muscles and tissues.

Manage Chronic Pain with Trigger Point Therapy

Do you experience shoulder and back pain frequently? I can pinpoint areas of your body that are bothering you the most. Let me focus on localized muscle cramps/knots and clear nerve blockages with trigger point therapy.

Speed Up Your Recovery with Neuromuscular Massage

Usually focused to a specific area of the body, neuromuscular massage is a combination of myofascial release and trigger point therapy. I can locate and release contractions/spasms in muscles, so you can have increased energy, better posture, and flexibility.

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